Hey there!

I’m Samantha Roller, Pinterest Strategist and Manager.

My entrepreneurial journey and love for Pinterest all started with wanting more for my family. After my son was born in February 2017 I went from a social media manager to a business owner, taking on the back-end work for other entrepreneurs so they could focus on other aspects of their business, their families, and a social life that’s hard enough to balance as it is.

I have always found pride in helping others accomplish their goals and Pinterest is the one powerhouse that’s not taking away from content creators like other social media platforms that are forcing ads in exchange for engagement. Instead, this visual search engine is taking the hardest part of getting traffic to a website and putting the power back in the hands of content creators.

I’m here to use my expert Pinterest marketing strategies and remote team to take this vital work off your plate.

On a given day you can find me with a cup of coffee or tea in hand and watching my two kids play.

I thrive on my time to meditate, do yoga and catch up on world news. Not to mention the occasional girls day.

My extra time is always spent with my incredible husband as we navigate two little ones, long work hours and date nights.

Want to chat or see what I’m up to?

You can connect with me on Instagram!

If you are a content creator, online entrepreneur, service-based or product-based business, you cannot afford to skip Pinterest marketing.

Pinterest is beyond a social media platform. It’s a visual search engine and one of the few platforms left that can be grown without advertising.

What’s so special about Pinterest?